Care Instructions

Please refrain from wearing them in saunas or immersing them in water.

Cleansing and Recharging Your Crystals:
  • Regular Maintenance: Cleanse and recharge your crystals regularly to restore their natural state.
  • Cleansing with Water: Rinse them under running water or soak them in saltwater (preferably sea or rock salt). Natural water sources like rivers or oceans are ideal.
  • Sage Smudging: Use sage to smudge and cleanse your crystals.
  • Sun and Moon Bath: Place your crystals outside before nightfall and retrieve them before 11 a.m. to benefit from both moonlight and sunlight.
  • Direct Earth Connection: Set your crystals directly on the earth.
  • Sound Healing: Utilize methods like singing bowls or Solfeggio frequencies.

Programming and Activating Your Crystals:
  • Hold the crystal in both hands, focusing on your intention or goal. Consider meditating or practicing breath-work to synchronize your energy with the crystal's.
  • State Your Intention: Speak your intention aloud or repeat it in your mind, allowing the crystal to absorb and activate it."