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Angel Grace Natural Stones

5A Blueish- Green Striped Amazonite Natural Stone Bracelet

5A Blueish- Green Striped Amazonite Natural Stone Bracelet

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5A 8mm Blueish- Green Striped Amazonite Natural Stone Bracelet. Amazonite, a green to blue-green gemstone commonly used in jewelry, is believed to possess metaphysical and spiritual properties. It is linked to calming energy, alleviating stress and promoting tranquility, while also contributing to overall well-being through harmony and balance. Recognized for enhancing communication, Amazonite facilitates open and honest self-expression, and some believe it encourages personal empowerment. Additionally, it is associated with luck and abundance, attracting positive energy and opportunities. Commonly linked to the heart and throat chakras, Amazonite is believed to open and activate these energy centers, fostering love, compassion, and clear communication. These interpretations are rooted in metaphysical beliefs and may vary among individuals.

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