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Angel Grace Natural Stones

5A Pink Morganite Natural Stone Bracelet

5A Pink Morganite Natural Stone Bracelet

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5A 8mm Pink Morganite Natural Stone Bracelet.  Morganite, a member of the beryl family, is renowned for its delicate pink to peach hues and is associated with various metaphysical properties. Often linked to divine love, the gemstone is believed to attract and enhance love in one's life, fostering compassion and connection with others. Aligned with the heart chakra, morganite is thought to bring emotional healing, balance, and inner peace. Its calming effect is said to reduce stress and anxiety, bringing joy and lightness to the wearer. Additionally, morganite is thought to encourage spiritual growth, strengthen relationships, embody feminine energy, and promote self-love and self-acceptance. While appreciated for its aesthetic appeal, these interpretations are rooted in metaphysical beliefs and individual experiences may vary.

Please include WRIST SIZE (in half inches. Ex 5.5", 6") in "special instructions" section during checkout.

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