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Angel Grace Natural Stones

5A Pink Rose Quartz Natural Stone Bracelet

5A Pink Rose Quartz Natural Stone Bracelet

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5A 8mm Pink Rose Quartz Natural Stone Bracelet. Rose Quartz, a renowned quartz variety with a delicate pink to rose-red hue, holds diverse metaphysical and spiritual meanings. Termed the "Stone of Love," it is associated with opening the heart chakra, fostering love, compassion, and kindness. Used for attracting and strengthening romantic relationships, Rose Quartz is believed to possess potent emotional healing properties, offering solace and relieving stress. Linked to promoting self-love and self-esteem, it contributes to a positive self-image and self-compassion. Acknowledged for bringing harmony and balance to relationships, aiding in conflict resolution and unity enhancement, Rose Quartz aligns with heart chakra activation, encouraging heightened compassion and empathy. Employed to attract love and romance, it is often placed in bedrooms or carried as a talisman. These interpretations stem from metaphysical and spiritual traditions and may vary among individuals.

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