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Angel Grace Natural Stones

5A Red Carnelian Natural Stone Bracelet

5A Red Carnelian Natural Stone Bracelet

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5A Red Carnelian Natural Stone Bracelet. Red Carnelian, a vibrant chalcedony with red to orange-red hues, is linked to diverse metaphysical properties. It is believed to boost vitality and energy, combating lethargy, while fostering courage and confidence to overcome fear and doubt. Recognized for stimulating creativity and motivation, it is favored by artists. The gemstone's vibrant red color is associated with passion and sensuality, awakening romantic energies. Red Carnelian is also believed to offer grounding and stability, aiding focus and balance. Associated with the sacral chakra, it is thought to activate and balance this center linked to creativity and emotions. In some traditions, it is considered a protective stone, warding off negativity and enhancing the aura's protective qualities. Rooted in metaphysical beliefs, these interpretations are not scientifically proven, and individuals 

may resonate with Red Carnelian for various reasons, including its vibrant color and metaphysical associations.

Please include WRIST SIZE (in half inches. Ex 5.5", 6") in "special instructions" section during checkout.

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