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Angel Grace Natural Stones

5A White Moonstone Natural Stone Bracelet

5A White Moonstone Natural Stone Bracelet

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5A 8mm White Moonstone Natural Stone Bracelet. Moonstone is commonly associated with metaphysical and symbolic meanings, including inner clarity, cyclical change, and a connection to feminine energy. Believed to provide insight into one's inner self and promote emotional balance, moonstone is often seen as a representation of the moon's gentle phases, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life. Linked to the feminine, it enhances qualities like intuition and nurturing, while its ethereal glow associates it with light and hope. Moonstone is also considered a symbol of new beginnings, encouraging individuals to embrace change and growth, with themes of femininity such as fertility and balance further emphasizing its symbolic qualities.

Please include WRIST SIZE (in half inches. Ex 5.5", 6") in "special instructions" section during checkout.

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