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Angel Grace Natural Stones

Money Bracelet With Gold Filled Spacers

Money Bracelet With Gold Filled Spacers

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8mm Money Bracelet with Gold Filled Spacers. Citrine, Green Aventurine, and Pyrite unite as a potent trio symbolizing prosperity and positivity. Citrine, the "Stone of Abundance," ushers in success and joy while dispelling negativity. Green Aventurine, known as the "Stone of Luck," nurtures emotional recovery and optimism. Pyrite, often dubbed "Fool's Gold," fuels determination and self-confidence, paving the way for goal achievement. Together, they create a harmonious blend of abundance and unwavering determination, making them ideal for those pursuing prosperity, positivity, and personal growth.

Please include WRIST SIZE(in half inches. Ex 5.5", 6") & CHARM STYLE(when applicable) in "special instructions" section during checkout.

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