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Purple and Yellow Chalcedony Jade Bracelet

Purple and Yellow Chalcedony Jade Bracelet

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8mm Purple and Yellow Chalcedony Jade Bracelet. Chalcedony jade, likely referring to a combination of chalcedony and jade, embodies a harmonious fusion of qualities associated with both gemstones. Chalcedony contributes its calming and balancing energy, promoting inner peace and enhanced communication, while jade brings forth protective, harmonizing, and serenity-inducing properties. Together, chalcedony jade is thought to create a synergistic blend that encompasses tranquility, emotional balance, and a connection to both the heart and throat chakras. This combination may be perceived as fostering a sense of overall well-being, luck, and spiritual harmony. Interpretations may vary based on individual beliefs and cultural perspectives. Purple and Yellow Chalcedony together may help you connect with your higher self, enhance your spiritual growth, and boost your creativity and self-confidence. When combined with jade, these stones may also promote emotional balance, stability, and harmony in your life.

Please include WRIST SIZE (in half inches. Ex 5.5", 6") in "special instructions" section during checkout.

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